Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Tea Collection

I was talking with a friend about tea earlier and took this picture of my tea collection to share with her and thought I would put it up here, too.
Tea is a new drink for me. I never liked it when I was younger. AT. ALL. But, I think it is because when I was younger, there were just black teas available. There are so many varieties these days and such a wide selection of herbal teas. I cannot drink much black tea, due to my caffeine allergy, so finding the herbals has been a wonderful discovery for me! I am always mixing and matching several in my sun tea pitchers. I usually put 3 different bags in the pitcher to steep in the sun for a few hours. I drink my tea from a 12 oz. mug. I sweeten my tea with organic lemonade or honey, depending on my mood.

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