Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Container Vegetable Gardening Tips article

Share. The one thing that I've learned since I started gardening is that there is no right way. Conditions and circumstances vary, so I'm not going to offer a strict how to guide. What I have ...

Prescription Drugs Kill article

Prescription drugs are now killing more people than traffic accidents and illegal drugs, according to the 2009 death statistics.

Organic Butter

I recently joined the YahooGroup for my local Weston Price Foundation. An offer went through the group to co-op for a block of organic pasture butter. But, it is 10 lb. blocks, so would be about $50. I so want to do it. But, I can't this month as Curtis is going to do some work on my car. So, the extra money is going to that. Sad ... Hopefully, next time it is offered I will be able to do it.

Packaged Sandwich Recall - possible Listeria

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has expanded a recent recall of pre-packaged sandwiches made by Landshire of St. Louis, MO. The sandwiches are believed to be tainted with Listeria Monocytogenes—...

Dangers of HFCS article

In this article you will find out about High Fructose Corn Syrup: Dangers and facts. It's important to know how this commonly consumed item affects our health.

Daniel Vitalis interview

Diabetes article

I follow the author of this article on G+. He has diabetes and does NOT take any drugs for it. He's amazing.

Why does the American Diabetes Association post high carb meal plans? Who benefits from them? Are you willing to do anything about it?

Buying Organic article

How Real Families on Real Budgets Can Afford Organic

"In a world in which we are constantly worried about the health of our families, the stability of our jobs, paying the mortgage, and all of life’s responsibilities, the simple act of trying to eat healthy often becomes a challenge."

Bragg's Free Samples arrived

I sent for some free samples from Bragg's a couple months ago and they finally arrived. I got 3 samples: Nutritional Yeast Seasoning, Organic Sea Kelp Delight & Organic Sprinkles Seasoning. Can't wait to use them! I've been using their dressings for a while. So, it was nice to see a free sample offered from them.

Sauce Mix Recall - Milk/Soy allergens

Emporium Packaging & Spice Co. of Temple, Texas is recalling all Ponchatrain Sauce Mix because it may contain undeclared milk and soy. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk or...

Living Homegrown article

I'd love to do something like this! Living in a mobile home certainly hampers my ability, but I do grow veggies in containers.

Rachel and her husband committed to a year without groceries, and they made it! She shares her experiences in local food in this post.