Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lounging on the Deck

My mom and I were sitting out on our deck reading this morning. It was nice out. I had Ezra, Nikky & the doves out with us, so I took some pictures.

Growing Spinach article

Share. A few weeks ago, I posted about white clusters on the stems of a spinach plant. It turns out that the spinach plant is bolting and that it's not insects. There have a been some consecutive ...

How to Stop a Heart Attack Dead in Its Tracks article

Evolution Ezine » Blog Archive » How to Stop a Heart Attack Dead in Its Tracks… From Our Friends at Medical Breakthroughs

Did you know that a common herb (that’s probably sitting in your spice cabinet right now) has the power to stop an in-progress heart attack?
It’s true. This fiery herb – known to most as a spice – has been shown to stop a heart attack in as little as 3 minutes after taking it.