Friday, October 28, 2011

Kale Chips Recall - Cashew allergen

Rhythm Superfoods, LLC is initiating the voluntary recall of a limited quantity of KOOL RANCH KALE CHIPS, UPC/SKU code 8 29739 00052 1. A quantity (approx. 2,700 cases) of KOOL RANCH KALE CHIPS contai...

Odd Day

Well, my plans for the Farmer's Market bit the dust today. My mom changed her mind ... so, we went to WalMart to get Ezra's cat litter and canned crap along with a bunch of other stuff I did not want to get. I'm not eating it!! Then, we went to BelAir & I was able to get a few good things on my list.
A really surprising thing came in the mail. A $56 check! It is a refund from California for paying too much on the mobile home registration when I first bought it, apparently. That was a nice surprise. And, it is spent already ...
Got home in time to watch BlytheRawLive. And, one of the producers in chat said they are going to send me some free stuff from the Blythe shop for being their number 1 fan! Eeeks! Such a nice offer. Now, lets see if they get back to me for my address! haha!
Just took a pic of the Hallowe'en goodies I am giving out this year. Yummy Earth Organic lollipops & SunMaid raisins.