Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 - Exercises & Meals


Breakfast - organic lemon/organic local raw honey/filtered water with Trader Joe's Vit. C powder & NOW MSM powder & Eclectic Institute Spearmint Flavored Astragalus Glycerite; Jedha's Breakfast Melody
Snack - filtered water
Lunch - Apple/Pear/Ginger Juice
Dinner - baked organic chicken leg; Spanish rice; filtered water

Planting Seeds

OK. I got a bunch of odds & ends of seeds planted. Yay! I'll be planting more in a couple weeks - different ones. And, if some of these don't come up, I have more of the same I'll plant. I also planted some unknown heirloom tomato seeds that my mom had saved (don't think those will make it ...) I've put them on the ironing board in front of my bedroom window that gets good light most of the time. The egg cartons are setting on an old baking sheet, so no leakage. Once these sprout & get their first leaves, they'll be transferred to small pots until chance of frost is over. Then, they will be moved outside to the 18-gallon bins to grow and prosper!
I'll be putting an order in to Landreth Seeds (finally) next week, so will have plenty of seeds through the season for succession planting.

Apple/Pear/Ginger Juice recipe

I found this recipe in my old Juiceman book. He called it Ginger Jolt.

This is what I used:

2 Organic Pink Lady apples
1 Organic d'Anjou pear
1-inch raw organic ginger root

Wash fruit & ginger. Cut fruit in wedges. Juice 1 apple, then half pear, then the piece of ginger, then the rest of the fruit.

Jedha's Breakfast Melody recipe

Usually, I take pictures of every step when I share a recipe. Today, I'll just link to Jedha's page, as she's done all the work.
I was out of the zucchini-type squash, but I did have some butternut squash that I substituted!