Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Good Food Articles - January 1, 2013

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Daily Meals - January 1, 2013

2 hard-boiled pasture eggs; water

Snack: Water

Lunch: Grape-Nut Salad; water

Snack: Lavender tea

Halibut baked in mixture of Panko*, sesame seeds, thyme, salt, pepper and butter; mashed sweet potatoes fried in bacon grease; raw milk
*I thought I'd gotten rid of everything in the house containing wheat a while back, but I found a couple of pint jars with some Panko. So going to use it up eventually. One jar left now.

Grape-Nut Salad Recipe

I feel like I've abandoned this blog! But, no fear! I hope to be back with some good recipes in the coming weeks. Today's is just something quick I threw together for lunch.

10 grapes
10 pecan halves
1 Tablespoon of pine nuts
1 Tablespoon of Bellwether Farms Creme Fraiche