Monday, February 4, 2013

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Today's Lunch - February 4, 2013

I have not kept up blogging on my daily meals. Just haven't been in the mood. And, have been wanting to change it up a bit.
But, I think I will occasionally share some of them. Like today's lunch! It was sooooo good!!
This is lamb shoulder chop (sprinkled with black pepper, sea salt and basil) fried in bacon grease; sliced heirloom tomato; jumbo black olives; Meyenberg Goat Cream Cheese; dried chives. This took less than ten minutes to prepare everything.

The round bone and the little rib section with meat and fat attached are going to be Nikky's dinner. It's very rare that she actually eats dog food, although there is a bowl of it down for her every day. One cup of Bench & Field Holistic Natural Canine Formula Dry Dog Food will last her for a week. She is a 9-pound chihuahua. She has beautiful skin and coat, perfect white teeth and lots of energy.

It's not hard to eat healthy with a huge variety of real foods. No one should need to eat overly processed foods. Humans survived for millennia without faux foods in their larder. Processed (boxed, bagged, canned) foods are less than 150 years old and look at the damage they've already caused in such a short time to our species, as well as to our canine and feline friends. Modern diseases that everyone seems to accept as the norm were unheard of by anyone less than 200 years ago. I cannot and will not accept them as 'normal' and neither should you.