Thursday, November 3, 2011

No More Munchies

My mom had the revelation this evening that the way we are eating now, she is not hungry ALL the time. I can remember when she rarely went an hour without having to snack on something. It drove me crazy! This is big for her to realize this change is going on.

Thomas Jefferson's Vanilla Ice Cream recipe

Recipe: Thomas Jefferson's Vanilla Ice Cream. We learned yesterday in The History of Ice Cream, that Thomas Jefferson was an early adopter in the New World ice cream scene. Turns out, someone came...

Co-op Goodies

I went to the food co-op in Davis this morning and got some good food. And, I found raw Macadamia nuts!! Very small amounts in little bags, but just the right size for a recipe I want to make when I get home tomorrow. I am soaking them now. They are huge compared to the roasted-to-death nuts my mom used to buy in the jar. Can't wait to make this recipe from BlytheRawLive: (scroll half-way down the page.) I am making half the recipe. I do still have an order coming through the mail for raw Macadamia nuts that I bought on eBay a few days ago.

I also found organic red plums. They are so pretty. I haven't seen any like them in the regular grocery in ages.

And, I also got in the mail, the butter oil/fermented cod liver oil capsules I ordered! Going to now add it to my daily regimen for my teeth, following the advice of Weston A. Price, DDS.