Monday, October 24, 2011

10 Dairy-Free Foods Rich in Calcium article

Another great article from Sprout Savvy:

Jerusalem Artichoke question

So, my mom wanted to plant Jerusalem artichoke. I did. I know nothing about this plant at all. I left it in the planter until the tops pretty much died. The container it was in, I decided to clean out and use it as a new worm composter. There were a bunch of little Jerusalem artichoke tubers. Tiny, in some cases. What the heck can I do with these. Should I try replanting them? Can we eat these tiny things?

Turmeric article

Turmeric herbal formula contains special compounds that help support many of your body systems, including your immune system, liver functions and joint support.*

Spinach Recall - possible Listeria

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Inc., is voluntarily recalling fresh bagged Washed Spinach 12oz, with the Enjoy by date of OCT 16 sold under the f&e™ label. The recall notification is being i...

How to Harvest Lettuce article

Share. Once your lettuce grows to be about 4-6 inches, you can safely harvest it and it will grow back again. To harvest, simply place your thumb and pointer fingers about 2 inches above the soil and ...

Laughter Yoga article

Can you discuss laughter yoga? I've heard it might help in many ways, from stress relief to exercise. Is this the real thing or a put-on?

Vitamin D May Prevent Cavities article

I believe this to be true. I haven't had any more tooth loss or additional cavities since starting on higher IU of Vitamin D about 2 years ago. Now, I'm working on reversal of some of the damage with some other supplements, which will take a while to see if that works.
Getting vitamin D from safe sun exposure may help reduce dental caries because this nutrient promotes calcium metabolism.

20 Tips To Use Less Plastic article

This is a really good article from Sprout Savvy:
"Nearly every piece of plastic ever made is still in existence in some form."