Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012 - Exercises & Meals

80 jumps on trampoline
20 counter push-ups (10 forward/10 backward)
Vacuumed doves'/exercise room

Breakfast - organic lemon/organic local raw honey/filtered water with  NOW MSM powder & Nature's Answer Astragalus Extract
Lunch - Homemade carrot/apple/ginger juice; Donut Muffin
Snack -filtered water 
Dinner - Homemade burrito: homemade tortilla; Organic Valley Pasture Butter; ground elk with cayenne pepper, chili pepper, Mediterranean spice & garlic salt; Trader Joe's Organic Refried Beans; white rice made with homemade bone broth; shredded Organic Valley Raw Sharp Cheddar Cheese; homemade raw almond milk
Snack - Donut Muffin; filtered water

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