Friday, August 24, 2012

Exercises & Daily Meals - August 24, 2012

Exercises: 20 counter push-ups
Walking - 5004 steps

Daily Meals:
Breakfast - Lemon/Honey/Betaine/Bio - C/Astragalus/filtered water; 1 Trader Joe's Uncrystallized Candied Ginger;  Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Organic Whole Virgin Coconut Oil; So Delicious Cultured Vanilla Coconut milk; Wasa Hearty Grain Cracker; Artisana Organic Raw Pecan Butter - 25.5g
Snack - filtered water - 3g
Lunch - The Laughing Cow Mini Babybel® Original Cheese Wheel; banana; filtered water - 13g

Snack - sunflower seeds; sun tea with lemon slice - 3g
Dinner - hamburger; raw milk - 48g
Snack - Straus Organic Whipping Cream; filtered water - 0g

Estimated Carbohydrate Total:

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