Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lunches and Dinners - February 17, 2013

I have been lax in posting these this week! I took the pictures and they've just been languishing on my desktop! So, here are some of this week's lunches and dinners!

February 13 - Lunch
This salami is so good. It is not overly spicy, but just right. I actually had 5 slices and 5 crackers.

February 16 - Lunch
The same salami, but on Mestemacher whole rye and almond bread with lots of butter. So yum!

February 17 - Dinner
Tonight's dinner was so good! Cornish game hen with Trader Joe's Dukkah nut & spice blend! I love that blend! Ate half the bird; will have the rest for lunch tomorrow. We also had dates stuffed with Bellwether Farms Créme Fraiche and pecans. Mmmmm.

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