Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well, as some of you know, I used to ride my exercycle every day, but when we got the last of our stuff out of storage after it being in there for 11 years, it all ended up in the doves' room and the exercycle and ab-doer kind of got buried for a couple of months. Well, with my cousins, Steven & Curtis, wanting to have a Thanksgiving (after not having one for years after their mother died), we had to get that room cleared and fast so they would have our big TV to watch the football game! My mom and I did it in 3 days! Room looks livable again AND my exercise equipment is usable again! I just got done reading a chapter of Chaz Bono's Transition book while riding at about 13mph for 3.5 miles, 16.29 minutes & burned 169 calories. Yay, me! I love my exercycle. In the meantime, I had continued my daily jumps on my mini trampoline, using my dumbbells (those are in my bedroom) & doing my push-ups. Hopefully, my mom will get back to the exercycle, too. It is the only exercise she will do.

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