Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Food Shopping

As if it wasn't enough to spend several hundred dollars on food yesterday at the co-op ... I spent a bit more today because we forgot a couple of things yesterday & there were also discounts & sales I couldn't pass up!

I had to mail a few things at the local PO annex in the store down the street. Well, they had a shopping cart full of discounted bananas! And, yes, I bought more. .39c/lb.! Couldn't pass that up. I just put up 3 more bags in the freezer. I would have liked to have bought the whole cartful! Also bought more blackberries (2 for price of 1) & 2 pineapples ($2 ea.!) Kumquats that just came in & the guy had to find the price. I've never had kumquats & have been wanting to try them. Plus, a few veggies for Christmas dinner dressing that we forgot yesterday.

Going to cut up the pineapple & freeze the chunks now. I may try to plant the top of one again. My last try failed. I'm determined to get one to grow!
Then, after lunch, I will be making a snack recipe to share that I saw on Google+ the other day.

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