Friday, June 14, 2013


I has BBQ!!! I bought it the other day, but tonight is the first time it's been 'fired' up! About 10 more minutes of the coals heating up and I'll be putting some spicy ribs on the grill! Can't wait! And, no lighter fluid poison is being used. Electric lighter like we had when I was a kid. I was stupid and sold the old one (which still worked at 40+ years old!!!) a few years ago, thinking I would never get a barbecue ... luckily, they still make them and it looks identical to the old one!
OMG! This was sooooo good. And, soooo juicy & tender!
I always had an aversion to BBQ'd meats growing up. Everyone I knew made them so messy and slathered them with sauce. I hated it. But this! We will be barbecuing often. Lots of experimenting to do! Mmm.

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